marble sculpture

                                            Sculpture purchased by the Artist

These pictures are of one of the most beautiful marble sculptures I have ever seen. Note the fissure in the marble, which appears golden. A block of marble with that rift in mind, may have been chosen and quarried by the sculptor himself--for this reason:

The subject I believe is Mary, the Mother of God, as depicted in the Book of Revelations in The Bible, whereas she is pregnant and leaning gently against the new moon, clothed only in sunlight. While the woman representing Mary is scantily clad, probably for purposes of modesty, to not produce "shock" value, the golden rift, as I have come to call it, may, indeed, represent the sunlight. After all, how can sunlight be represented in a sculpture? What better way to depict Mary bathed in sunlight? Sunlight, of course, is the color of gold, is it not?

On the day after Christmas, 2009, I was doing some research. I wanted to know where exactly I composed By the Time I Get to Phoenix . In a location which is very, very near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, I happened upon an art gallery which, in itself, may have been on the spot (or very near the spot) where I composed that song. I noticed that everything in the gallery was 80% off in price. Then I saw that sculpture among many other sculptures and I knew I had to have it.

It was regularly priced at $22,000.00. I was able to buy it at less than $5,000.00, with tax, and I saved another $500.00 by having my pickup truck; I did not therefore have to pay for shipping and handling. But "she" weighs over 400 pounds. (The sculpture is five feet seven inches high.) So I ended up having to hire a crew to move "her" into my studio. And that ended up costing me $500.00. But "she" is safely there.

I fell in love with that sculpture and would never want to sell it. I do want to trace it as close to the hand of the great Baroque sculptor, Lorenzo Giovonni Bernini, as I possibly can. From my art background, one thing is very clear to me: that sculpture is in the style of one who studied carefully under Bernini.

Please contact me, Roger Smith, if you have any information about that piece to share with me.